Drawdy Gravity Feeder
Provides deer and other game with clean, dry supplemental feed on demand.

Portable Game Feeder
Easily transportable and made to strict specifications for long dependable use.


HCO Outdoors Official Distributor of 225 and 450 Feeders

Drawdy Outdoors has licensed the design of the 225 and 450 Portable Games Feeders to HCO Outdoor Products. Click here to link to HCO Outdoor's website and to place an order or findout the retails outlets that are selling the feeders. These feeders are easily shippable as well as durable. They come with a gravity type feed head, but an automatic timer can be easily adapted to use with the feeder. Drawdy will continue to make and sell the Drawdy Gravity Feeder that is larger and is not shippable but requires local pickup.

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