Drawdy Gravity Feeder
Provides deer and other game with clean, dry supplemental feed on demand.

Portable Game Feeder
Easily transportable and made to strict specifications for long dependable use.





• 225 & 450 lb Capacities


• Gravity Flow System


• Timer Unit Option 
• Galvanized so rust is no problem


• Assembles in Minutes




The Drawdy Game Feeder

Download the Assembly Instructions Here.

Alternative to Plastic Feeders

We developed The Drawdy 225lb and 450lb feeders as an alternative to plastic and metal barrel type feeders on the market. One that we designed in the U.S.A. using galvanized metal, easily transportable and made to strict specifications for long dependable use.

The Answer for the Deer Hunter

The Drawdy Feeder is the answer for the deer hunter or anyone wanting to feed wildlife at a price point, but built for durability as well as versatility. The Drawdy 225 & 450 are available with a gravity feed head or with the option to add a directional or non-directional feed slinger with timer. The feeders hold 225lbs and 450lbs respectively. *capacity determined using corn.

  • Easily transported to your hunting area
  • Portable design allows quick set up
  • Durable galvanized construction resists rust
  • Squirrels and other varmints cannot chew through The Drawdy’s metal construction as with plastic feeders.
  • Versatile - Can be used as a gravity feeder for deer or switch to feed slinger unit for feeding hogs and other game. Can be used as a fish feeder with directional slinger unit.
  • Unique gravity flow head has feed flow adjustment.
  • Feed can be loaded from the ground.
  • Perfect for protein pellets or corn.

The Drawdy Game Feeder Video

See how easy it is to utilize the Drawdy Game Feeder!

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